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My friend Blue Lang sent me a gift that arrived today - a Bassballs stompbox pedal by Nano. Thank you, Blue! The package was addressed to sonofsonofsupercar which was both hilarious, and quite touching.

You see, Blue was the drummer for a fantastic band called sonofsupercar whose existence on the internet is (unfortunately) mostly limited to the Songfight archives at the moment. It sounds like Blue is open to releasing some of their old material on Bandcamp soon, and I welcome this. Thankfully, I am a hoarder and I have kept hours of sonofsupercar material on my hard drive from years ago. I hope you will all benefit from that soon.

In short - I attempted to make my own fake sonofsupercar song here. After all, if I am going to be addressed even jokingly as sonofsonofsupercar I feel like I need to try to live up to that in some capacity.

I started this song with the bass, and I put the new pedal to use right away. From there I needed to add the appropriate discordant, yet appropriate guitar sounds, and I needed to play the drums HARD. I never had the pleasure of hearing sos live in person, but my understanding is that they were Earth-shakingly LOUD.

Please enjoy!


from #Jamuary 2019, released February 1, 2019




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