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I feel like I am getting very close to having my songs selected for "Fighter #6", which is the album I intend to release of June of this year. "Anticipation" feels like a contender for the album. No pun intended.

"Fighter #6" seems like it could be one of the most solid albums I have put together in some time. I have been listening to a number of the songs on repeat without getting sick of them, and that's a great sign.

I once asked Cory McAbee (of "The American Astronaut" and "Stingray Sam" fame) for a good method for choosing the songs that should be on an album. His reply was amazingly simple, yet helpful - Listen to the songs on repeat, and the ones that you start skipping are the ones you should remove from the album. It was almost a "DUH" moment after the advice was given.

At any rate, that's precisely what I have been doing. Listening to some of these songs over and over. The beauty of #Jamuary is that I should have a LOT of songs to choose from by the end of this month.


from #Jamuary 2019, released February 1, 2019




Glenn Case Spokane, Washington

I write music.

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I genuinely just love music.

I have a song available in "Rock Band" and that makes me smile.

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